• by Neil Milligan
  • 30 Oct, 2017

As the days feel colder and the nights get darker, Halloween is a welcome excuse for a bit of fun. Originally a Celtic winter festival, ‘All Hallows Eve’ has once again become fashionable, with everyone from five year olds to celebrities dressing up, carving pumpkins and trick or treating.

While children of the seventies and eighties might associate the night with the smell of singed turnips and witch outfits made out of dustbin bags; the Halloween of 2017 is more about home parties, bewitched buffets and competitively carved pumpkins.

So how can you get in on the fun this October? Here are a few ways that you can make the most of Halloween in your La Medida kitchen.

Pumpkins Galore!

The turnips and beets of yesteryear have now been replaced by the more glamourous pumpkin for lantern carving. Don’t waste your pumpkin flesh as it makes a tasty ingredient for a Halloween themed dish. Try throwing it into a pan with onions, ginger and cream for a simple pumpkin soup, or transform it into the popular American dessert pumpkin pie.

Find these recipes and more over at #pumpkinrescue , and join the annual campaign to rescue the pumpkin waste that too often ends up going down your waste disposal.

Activities that even the big kids will love.

Make the most of your open plan kitchen space and invite the neighbourhood families round for some Halloween related activities.

Now synonymous with Halloween; apple bobbing was originally an autumn courting ritual for young ladies and their partners. Easy and cheap to set up, all you need is a bucket of water and a bag of apples. Keep the hungry masses happy with a big bowl of pumpkin soup, or fire up the range oven and hand out piping hot baked potatoes.

Ideas for more seasonal activities such as Pin The Spider on The Web, A Monster Beanbag Toss and easy decorating tips can easily be picked up over on Pinterest.

Spooky tipples.

Halloween isn’t just for the children, there’s no reason why the grown-ups can’t get in on the act. Why not put out some nibbles on your kitchen island and invite a few friends over, for a night of appropriately themed cocktail making.

From the cultured to the ridiculous, there are lots of recipes to try out. Please Morticia Addams with the dark sophistication of ‘The Undertaker’ , while Dracula’s daughter would kill for a glass of ‘ The Devils Margarita’ .

There’s not that much time until December, so if celebrating Halloween has made you realise that you need a new kitchen to accommodate your Christmas guests, get in touch now. Drop into the La Medida showroom on Leeds Road, Huddersfield or give the team a call on 01484 422777 and book an appointment.